Frequently Asked Questions

Who can learn Tae Kwon Do?

Any person of reasonably good health and above the age of six can learn Tae Kwon Do. Training begins with two weeks of private lessons to initiate each student to basic techniques of defense and attack. Following these private lessons, the student then joins the regular classes. As coordination and strength develop, students are promoted in rank and given advanced instruction in specialized techniques.

Why learn Tae Kwon Do?

Tae Kwon Do will develop and teach you to have a feeling of security through physical fitness, poise, and grace, and sporting unarmed self-defense. Most importantly, Tae Kwon Do will provide peace of mind, a sense of self-discipline and sense of self-confidence. In general, two major aspects of your life will benefit:
Body - Tae Kwon Do is essentially the art of self-defense. No one is born with a particularly strong body; it has to be developed. The body, like a machine, needs exercise and lubrication to keep it running smoothly. An important side effect of this is proper weight control. Tae Kwon Do provides the stimulus, the exercise, and the discipline for a lifetime of healthy activity.
Spirit - Because Tae Kwon Do is nonviolent, patience and restraints in daily affairs must be cultivated. The misuse of this art would greatly endanger our society. Therefore, in seeking deeper than physical cultivation, we strive for mental discipline, self-confidence, and peace of mind which it brings.

How fast will I progress?

You will learn Tae Kwon Do and self-defense techniques in your first lessons. Our instructors are experienced and among the best in the United States. There is no reason why a beginner cannot possess the proud Black Belt within a few years. Talented students have earned the Black Belt in even less time.

When may I start?

Training begins with private lessons on basic self-defense hand and foot techniques. Generally, we recommend that you call or visit Kim Studio to set up a time for your private lessons.
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